My name is Jamal Woods

I am currently attending Rochester Institute of Technology where I am pursuing a major in Game Design and Development, alongside a minor in Computer Science. I enjoy learning how to use new technology to create whatever my mind is able to think of. I am always eager to utilize the skills I acquire to solve problems, streamline a process, or bring new experiences to people across the world.

When I'm not creating something cool with code, I can be found playing games, teaching others how to code, listening to music, writing poetry, playing saxophone, trying to create pixel art or just taking it easy. Feel free to contact me via email me at jamalcwoods@gmail.com.

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Scroll down to view some of my projects

Discord Duels is a text based MMORPG game I began developing in my senior year of highschool as a Rock-Paper-Scissors chat bot in the Discord messaging application. As the game grew in popularity I began to add additional features including an inventory system, leveling/progression, and story based quests.

Since creation the game has been added to thousands of discord servers, played by 10s of thousands of individual users, and continues to expand each day.

Tentatively named Lost Ones, this is a 2D Action Platformer being built with Unity. For this game I am adopting the turn based system of Discord Duels to create a combat system that provides intimate encounters with enemies while still giving players the freedom that a 2D platformer would provide

In addition to the combat system the game will additionally feature aspects of customization, both in gameplay and cosmetics, along side procedurally generated dungeons and story affiliated missions that serve as checkpoints on player progression.

Green is a endless shoot-em-up made for a 48-hour game jam at my university. The theme of the game was simply the color green so I decided to make a game in which the player must transfer their "green energy" into enemies to defeat them while also making sure that they don't run out of energy themselves.

The game was a finalist at the game jam earning the title of "Best Gameplay". Along side the endless aspect of defeating enemies, players are able to accumulate the points they earn to unlock passives that allow them to last longer in the game.

Originally developed as a spin-off of asteroids for a final project in my 9th grade computer science class, Bullet Hell is 2D space shoot-em-up developed in Processing, a Java based language, in which the player must defend a central space station from an onslaught of alien invaders. After completing this project for the class, I occasionally returned to add features such as a camera and an ability system.

Upon learning Unity I recreated a simple version of the game in 3D as a way to teach myself some of Unity's basics.

Trends is a website that uses the Google Trends API and the Twitter API to display a intractable graphic that shows the top 20 google searches and displays tweets about the different searches.

The data for the application is pulled and sent to a Firebase database from a Node.JS server. I plan to utilize other social media APIs to allow the web application to show more information, such as articles and images, based on the google search terms.

Syndo is a 2D puzzle platformer made in Unity in which the player controls a small robot that can manipulate the environment by sending a signal to different mechanisms in order to get their original robot body to reach the goal of a level.

This was one of the first games that created using Unity while I was still in highschool.

Developed using Processing on a train ride home for winter break, Jumper Ball is an 2D endless jumper in which the player must attach themselves to falling red spheres that rain down from the top of the screen and then propel themselves upward to ascend before being carried off screen.

I eventually plan to remake this game for mobile devices in Unity with a name that has yet to be announced.

Ace Ninjas is a 2D platform fighter developed in Processing.The game was planned to place the combos and mobility of a platform brawler, such as Super Smash Brothers, into a PvE beat-em-up game.

Thought the game was never fully completed, I was able to practice creating systems that handled 2D collision, animations, basic platformer physics, and level generation using no external libraries or code

Operation E.S.C.A.P.E is a 2D endless runner and shooter, developed in Monogame, in which the player must dodge obstacles and incoming enemies by hovering up and down using a jetpack.

This game was made with a team of four which I helped with designing obstacle layout and creating an external tool that allowed anyone to design their own layouts for obstacles.